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Which is more reliable between Desktop and Laptop?

Which is more reliable between Desktop and Laptop?

A laptop is for portability and convenience, a desktop is for basically everything else (performance, expandability, easier to upgrade/repair, reliability, and long-term-cost).


If you're just going to have one and don't need a superb powerful computer then you almost certainly want to urge a laptop.
Most all folks with desktops even have a laptop, the reality is that they fill their own role and are not really interchangeable.

My laptop (Yoga 920) could also be a 14″ 2-in-1 and is extremely portable, quick and convenient for web browsing, doing light-medium document editing and other basic tasks.
My desktop is for once I either need to do high performance work (photoshop, video editing, etc), or tasks where the ergonomics of being at a desk with twin 23″ monitors and full keyboard/mouse will make a moderate improvement to the task.


If you accompany a laptop, you get what you purchase (at least up to the $1200–1500 mark). If you get a $350 cheapo then you get something which can barely run windows and may last 2, if very lucky 3, years. Spend $600–1000 and you get how more powerful system which can last 4–6 years easily. within the end of the day you pay less by buying a far better quality system.

If you go desktop then you need to not be watching dell, hp, etc. The OEM systems are getting so stripped-down and proprietary they're only slightly more upgradeable/serviceable then a laptop is.
Building a desktop is essentially easy and lots of of people here or other forums could you with picking parts. However, even including labor costs, a neighborhood computer shop/business can build you a medium end desktop for the same price if not a hair cheaper than Dell, hp, etc.
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