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Beauty Of Pattaya

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No trip to Thailand is taken into account complete without visiting Pattaya. Once a sleepy fishing village, Pattaya was completely transformed during the Vietnam War when a gaggle of about 100 American service personnel landed here to relax in April 1961. Ever since the town and its show business have grown such a lot that it's today unthinkable for first-time visitors to Thailand to skip visiting Pattaya. As one of Thailand's major tourist destinations, Pattaya is well connected by rail, road, and air. The city is additionally gradually turning into a premier retirement destination for foreigners due to the tropical weather, exotic life and really low cost of living.

Pattaya City

With a population of approximately 300,000 people, including non-residents, Pattaya is quite a crowded city considering its spread over 8.6 sq. mi. But as a premier tourist destination within Thailand, in spite of its tiny size, the city has numerous places to see for the average tourist. There are also numerous golf courses in and around Pattaya, which are great places to pass time or go on business golf sessions if you're on a business trip. However, Pattaya is also a very entertaining tourist destination for the family because of a fairly large number of cultural shows, zoos, and theme parks.


An extensive tour of Pattaya would include a visit to all tourist attractions that are worth seeing. However, due to the sheer number of tourist attractions that exist here, it's knowing to decide which of them you'll visit beforehand. This is especially a requirement if your visit is brief. The Million year stone park, Beach resort Water Park, Crocodile Farm, Funny Land Amusement Park, 'Underwater World' aquarium, Silver lake Winery, and the Siriporn Orchid farm are excellent tourist spots that you can take your family to. Another excellent place to go to is the Thai Alangkarn Theater. It hosts a cultural show that you shouldn't miss if you're visiting Pattaya.

UnderWater World

Another place that is a must-see would be Khao Phra Bat. It's a hillock located between Jomtien Beach and southern Pattaya that offers magnificent sweeping panoramic views of the crescent-shaped Pattaya bay. The Mini Siam model village is also an excellent place to visit if you're taking children along. This place has replicas of well-known monuments from all over Thailand and even some international ones. The Wat Yanasangwararam Woramahawihan temple that was built in 1976 for the current supreme matriarch is a place to visit for the more spiritually inclined.

Village Model

Pattaya may be an excellent spot to go to all year round. The city is understood for its warm tropical climate and straightforward life. There are various sorts of entertainment for all types of travelers starting from families to business visitors. Pattaya also hosts internationally renowned contests for biking and sailing for local people. It is also known to host a variety of beauty contests and pageants. Overall, Pattaya is the most fun place to go to in Thailand after Bangkok. Most visitors to Thailand make it a point to not overlook this thrilling city in their itinerary. In fact, the city of Pattaya can almost be called the jewel of eastern Thailand and it's a great place to visit for all kinds of tourists.

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