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Earn Money Rs 40 Lakhs Per Month

Earn Money Rs 40 Lakhs Per Month

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Bloggers like Amit Agrawal and Harsh Agrawal are earning more than Rs 40 lakhs per month. Not only them, several bloggers earning Rs 40 lakhs per month in India.

If you have patience and passion to write, start blogging. You need to spend a minimum amount to book a domain and start web hosting. We will provide you tips to start blogging to earn money from home. Blogging is a secure passive income. The rest is history.

Select a niche market. There are 100 of topics available to blog. We cannot be master of all. But, we can try to blog on different topics. After blogging for 20-30 articles, we will get an idea. Automatically, we will understand our expertise, passion, and fun in writing.

We can start with a travel blog, shopping, or food. If you are good in technology, try for it. The market is open. Do not fear for the competitor.

With each blog, you will learn and perform better than the previous blogs. There is no thumb rule to be a successful blogger. Those earning Rs 10-20 lakhs per month by blogging are like us.

They also suffer setbacks, disappointment, and even left blogging before tasting success. So, read popular blogs in India. Some are writing Hindi blogs and earning a lot. We have to learn and earn.

There are various tips to start blogging to earn money from home available in YouTube as well. Watch them and read the success stories of successful bloggers in India. Below we will provide some blog examples.

I am giving a list of the top 15 heavy traffic blogs in India. Learning from them will give us an idea of how to start blogging to earn money from home.


Udit Goenka




Bloggers Ideas

Digital Deepak



Bloggers Passion






Before you close this page, see the income of the best bloggers in India. We are showing the expected income per month from blogging.

Blogger (Earnings per month)

Amit Agrawal ( US$ 60,000)

Harsh Agrawal (US$ 52,434)

Faisal Farooqui (US$ 50,000)

Shradha Sharma (US$ 30,000)

Varun Krishnan ( US$ 22,000)

Srinivas Tamada (US$ 20,000)

Ashish Sinha (US$ 18,000)

Arun Prabhudesai (US$ 15,000)

Do you want to become a blogger and earn money Rs 40 lakhs per month? You can be a stock trader and earn more. But, the stock market is risky. Blog is not risky.

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