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Traffic Signs that you should know about


Traffic Signs that you should know about

Have you ever driven down a street that had no street signs on the way? Vehicles in every direction that you simply look, each trying to make their answer to the chaos. Well, that’s what happens once you have no signs and rules to follow. Traffic signs, signals, road markings, and road safety rules are laid right down to avoid such nuisance on the road & ensure safety.

Traffic signs aren't only meant for vehicle users, except for everyone who sets foot on the road. it's important for people to possess a whole sense of the traffic signs so as ensure everyone’s safety. Most accidents are caused because of negligence and disobeying road safety rules and traffic signs. The authorities have therefore laid down strict procedures and stringent rules to issue driving licenses. A driver's license is simply issued to people who have a sound knowledge of traffic signs and a transparent understanding of road safety rules. As per Indian Roads Congress (IRC), road signs are divided into 3 categories, as listed below -

MANDATORY SIGNS: Mandatory signs, also mentioned as regulatory signs, are the signs which make it compulsory for the drivers to follow the given instruction. These signs, generally placed on a circular board, specify what exactly must be done as you drive ahead.

1. No stopping or standing - This sign means you are not allowed to stop your vehicle on the road. Stopping your vehicle on such roads could cause disruption and cause a holdup.

2. Height Limit  - This sign means if your vehicle exceeds the given height limit, you are not allowed to travel ahead as there could be a bridge or railway line that passes over the road.

3. Axle load limit - This sign specifies the number of axle load that's allowed to be carried on the overbridge road.

4. Width Limit - This sign is typically put before a narrow lane. If the width of your vehicle is beyond the limit displayed on the signboard, then you are not allowed to drive there on a particular road.

CAUTIONARY SIGNS: Cautionary signboards are put as a warning for the drive to require care about any potential dangers that he could encounter on the road. this is often to form sure that the drive is alert and prepared for any hazard or problem. Such signs are generally triangular in shape:

1. Staggered intersection - This sign indicates that there is a quick distance gap between the right turn and thus the left activate this road. Crossing the road isn't permitted at such an intersection.

2. Major road ahead - This sign is to warn the driver that the road goes to intersect with a significant road, which could have faster-moving traffic.

3. Loose gravel - This sign indicates that loose pebbles and stones could be lying on the road. Such signboards are generally found during a hilly region.

4. Right hairpin bend - Such signboards are generally found during hilly terrain. Sometimes, sharp turns are difficult to determine, thus these signs are placed for the drive to be prepared at the turning points.

5. School ahead - This signboard is placed on a road on the brink of a school. It gives the drive a symbol to hamper as children aren't very cautious while crossing the road.

INFORMATIVE SIGNS: These blue-colored signs are put up to guide the road users about the route, destination, etc.

1. No through Road - This sign means the road doesn't have an exit and it is a dead end. This board is put up at the beginning of such roads.

2. Flood Gauge - This sign is placed on the road near water bodies. It informs the drive about the water level and warns him to manage the speed of the vehicle.

3. Park both sides - This sign is typically placed on the parking areas. It tells the drive that he's allowed to park the vehicle on both, the right side and thus the left side.

4. Hospital sign  - This sign is placed to help people locate the closest medical facility in their vicinity. It helps saves time just in case of medical emergencies because the driving force doesn't get to invite directions.

Ignoring traffic signs on the road is often extremely dangerous and causes road accidents. So, confirm that you simply obey the traffic signs and follow all the road safety rules because it'll assist you to ensure your own safety also as others.

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