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Laptop Stand Aluminium & Portable


HB Plus Folding Height Adjustable Aluminum Foldable Portable Adjustment Desktop Laptop Holder Riser Stand

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Product Details:-

1. HB Plus Laptop Ergonomic Stand Or Laptop Stands For Office Desk Improves Your Posture Scientifically Designed To Help You Balance You’re Sitting Posture Keeping Your Back Straight, Neck Relaxed, And Wrists Natural Even After Long Work Hours

2. Hb Plus The Aluminium Laptop Stand Metal Laptop Stand Or Foldable Laptop Stand Better Known As A Aluminum Laptop Stand Provides a 6-Speed Adjustable Height, Adjust To a Comfortable Operating Angle And Height Based On Your Actual Need. And The Ergonomic Design Makes For Easy Watching And Typing, Relieving your Neck, Shoulder, And Spinal Pain.

3. Hb Plus The Laptop & Tablet Stand Supports Most Devices From 10 - 15.6 Inches: Macbook, Thinkpad, Surface, Chromebook, Ipad Pro, Etc. Therefore Known As A 11.6 Inch Laptop Stand,12 Inch Laptop Stand, 13.3 Inch Laptop Stand,15 Inch Laptop Stans & 15.6 Inch Laptop Stand

4. HB Plus Laptop Stand Metal Is A Laptop Foldable Stand Which You Can Fold And Carry Easly In Your Backpack Or Briefcase You Can Use It To Change the Angle Of Your Laptop Therefore Use It As Laptop Incline Stand Or Laptop Height Stand

6. HB Plus is lightweight at 260gm only and is extremely handy to carry in your office bag [Increases laptop life]-keeps your laptop cooler so the battery life and internal components life also improves


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