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New Captain In Bigg Boss House


Bigg Boss Captaincy Task!! 

Rahul Mahajan is the king of the house "Ek Din ka Raja" , He has a Crown. There are a total 6 Rounds in the Task! 

On the first buzzer, Rahul can give that crown to anyone as per his wish, Crown is given to each- other in every Round, Whoever gets the crown in the last (round) will become the captain.

👉Round 1 Rahul Gave Medal to Eijaz

👉Round 2 Eijaz Gave Medal to Manu

👉Round 3 Manu gave Medal to Arshi

👉Round 4 Arshi Gave Medal to Eijaz

👉Round 5 Eijaz Gave Medal to Arshi

👉Round 6 Arshi Gave Medal to Manu

Manu Punjabi is the new Captain of the House!!

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