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Captaincy Task :- "Mere Samne ke Chajje pe "


Captaincy Task :- "Mere Samne ke Chajje pe "

👉Abhinav Family :- Nikki, Vikas, Rubina

👉Rakhi Family :- Aly, Sonali, Eijaz , Rahul Vadiya

Three Rounds in the Task and both are neighbors of each other. 

(Winning team will become the Captaincy Contender) 

In Every Round Abhinav will go to Terrace & Rakhi have to take a clear picture of Abhinav . 

If she succeeds to taking picpic , then she will win the Round (The picture should not be blur) 

👉Firstly Abhinav will come to drying clothes .

👉Then come to exercise 

👉and last come to sit on the cot (Chaarpai) with Rubina.

Abhinav's team will build the wall and Rakhi's team will break that wall.

If the Abhinav' Team manages to build a wall, Then they will win.

Only Rakhi can go on Abhinav Terrace as she has to be photographed.

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