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TATA Tigor EV Important Tips You Should Know


Tata Tigor EV Important Tips You Should Know


Read on further for information on how to get the best out of your Tigor EV on every drive.

1.  After the running-in period, users are advised to follow a charging pattern of one fast charge cycle, followed by one slow charge cycle. 

2. For every three consecutive charging cycles, users are recommended to complete at least one charging cycle up to 100% where the charging light turns green. Successive short charges must be avoided.

3. Ensure that the e-vehicle is used and charged regularly to maintain optimum battery health. Do not keep the vehicle idle for more than a period of 3 days.

4. In case your vehicle needs to be kept idle for a long period, disconnect the negative terminal of the auxiliary battery. Waking the vehicle up after an idle period would require a complete slow charge before usage.

5. Drive Vehicle in ‘D’ mode for optimum performance.

6. The vehicle is equipped with a Fully Automated Air Conditioning (FATC) module, which controls compressor operations in accordance with the temperature set by the user and the existing cabin temperature. Users are advised to select temperature settings in accordance to their needs.

7. Always maintain the recommended tyre pressure. 32 psi measured cold.

8. Do not pressure wash the inside of the bonnet or the four-wheel arches.

9. Users are advised to exercise caution and drive slowly when passing through stagnant water bodies which are 120mm or deeper (near to half of the wheel’s height).

10. Avoid driving in water-logged roads with water levels beyond 120 mm.

11. Ensure that there are no water deposits on charging ports before inserting the charging cable each time.

12. Both charging ports should be covered with their caps when not in use.

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